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One can avail unlimited opportunities through Askari Bank’s Personal Finance. With unmatched financing features in terms of loan amount, payback period and most affordable monthly installments, Askari Bank’s Personal Finance makes sure that you get the most out of your loan. No matter what your need is, Askari Bank has more ways to serve you than ever before.

Features Details
Loan Amount:

Min. Rs. 50,000/-

Max. Rs. 500,000/-
Age: 21-60 years (maturity of loan at 60 years).
Tenure: 1 - 5 years
Segment Annual Mark-up
Armed Forces 12 Months Kibor + 1.5% (Up to 3 years)
12 Months Kibor + 2% (More than 3 years)
Branch Customers (Salaried Individuals) 22%
Branch Customers (SEB/SEP) 26%
Non Branch Salaried Customers 24%
Non Branch SEB/ SEP Customers 28%

Mandatory for all Applicants.

Debt burden inclusive of all existing and proposed liabilities shall not exceed 50% of net disposable income.
Processing / Others Charges: As per "Schedule of Bank Charges".
Minimum Income:
Category Min. Income Requirement Relation/ Service Length
AKBL Approved List of Companies RS. 25,000/- 6 months permanent employment service requirement with current employer
Armed Forces RS. 25,000/- Commissioned Officers
AKBL Branch Customers (Salaried) RS. 25,000/-

3 months salary relationship with AKBL & 6 months permanent employment with current employer

AKBL Branch Customers (SEB/SEP) RS. 100,000/- 2 years account relationship with AKBL
Government Sector BPS 17 or Above 6 Months Service length
Documentation 1. Application form duly filled & signed by the applicant
2. Clear copy of valid CNIC
3. Latest salary slip
4. Last 3 months bank statement for Salaried
5. Last 6 months bank statement for SEB/SEP
6.  In case of SEB/SEP, 3 years of business proof is required
7. Undertaking CF-1
You can apply by visiting any of our Consumer Business Centers/ Branches or by calling at our 24hrs call center at 111-000-787. Our dedicated staff will help you completing your loan application form and other formalities.
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